Uhand Bionic mechanical hand

    Large torque


    Multiple control ways

    Over-sized structure

    Extra-long battery life

    Super detailed tutorial


Six main features

                                                  1) Multiple control ways:Mobile phone,handle,computer,and secondary development!

                                                  2) Over-sized structure: As big as the real palm!

                                                  3) Large torque: use large torque digital servo with metal gear!

                                                  4) User-friendly: the servo starts softly and the safer operation!

                                                  5) Extra-long battery life :Large capacity lithium battery, can keep running for over 2 ours

                                                  6) Super detailed tutorial: Teach you how to debug deviation and design new actions hand by hand 

Somatosensory gloves parameter


Over-sized structure: As big as the real palm!

Metal gear digital servo 


Exrta-long battery life

Large capacity battery makes you enjoy yourself

1500mah large capacity lithium battery, can keep running for over 2 hours


 6 channel servo controller

Product structure


Computer control interface



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