CR-6 six foot spider robot development kit

    ·Using a mixture of aluminum alloy and glass fiber material

    ·Using the new digital servos that can be inserted and extracted

    ·Providing the Visual programming of PC soft ware

    ·Multiple control mode

    ·Super charming appearance




1.Using a mixture of aluminum alloy and glass fiber material,significantly reducing body weight, 

making the robot flexibility and strength are greatly enhanced

2.Using the new digital servos that can be inserted and extracted, the performance surpasses all analog servos. large torque, high precision, small dummy, zero dead zone, the robot moves more flexible and powerful. The new servos make installing or replacing servos even easier

3.The robot has been optimized in all aspects, making the robot life time by 300%, reaching 90 minutes


4.We used the cushioning pad to make the robot's gait more stable and greatly reduced wear and tear

5.Adding the new Leg brace make the construction of the robot more solid

6.Providing the Visual programming of PC soft ware,make the programing more easier


7.Multiple control mode such as mobile phone,handle control,ipad control and computer control,you can also develop it secondary

8.With detail course teach you how to programing 

9.Super charming appearance





In order to make xArm more functional, we prepare you with a secondary development kit. We provide you with 7 gameplays of CR-6, each gameplay comes with detailed code and video tutorials.



                        Gameplay 1                                 Gameplay 2 

                     Cross Fire                                          Shake head to obstacle avoidance



           80f658b31a0ebec531cbbbec0723d672.gif                 2e31e5f38cfd2ea5be53574d346d317b.gif

                Gameplay 3                                              Gameplay 4  


           Infrared remote control                    Prevent fall

           bc25ca46df63ea786a1519c7e9370c2a.gif          66dbf8eb371a04d61db5cda797c6cfaa.gif


            Gameplay 5                                                Gameplay 6

   Intelligent voice control                         Gesture control

      8334146f19ac53fd3c130b52fea71d16.gif                  8ca628ba3104022c17752c6dde7a1416.gif


                              Gameplay 7

                   Intelligent search light


Size: each leg 31cm The Body inner 16cm(longth) Body shell 24cm(longth)


Material:Ultra-light hard aluminum alloy, surface hardening treatment and combination of strengthening structural design

Battery: 7.4V 2200mAh Super-large lithium battery

Battery life: Run for 120 minutes

degree of freedom(DOF):6DOF

The controller of it:

Hardware part: the servo that special for hexapod robot

Software part:

PC Visual software+Android mobile phone APP 

The other parameters:

LDX-218 digital servo, long life,high torque,full metal gear

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