xArm Bus Robotic Arm

    1)XArm adopts high life bus servo

    2)All-metal structure,use blue oxidation treatment

    3)Support phone,computer and offline manual programming

    4)Support mouse,cell phone,tablet,handle,computer control

    5)With angle readback,temperature,voltage feedback and blocking protection


3 Kinds of Programming Operation

Various programming method, let you write action group anywhere and anytime


(1)Computer inferface programming

With graphical programmming software, you can drag the block to adjust servos' angle, thus adjust the posture of robotic arm.



(2)Mobile Programming

You can use mobile phone to write action group without computer. Exquisite interface, easy to operate.


(3)Offline Manual Programming

                 You can write action group without any device, all you need to do is change the arm posture manually, and use the button on the arm to save action.

                 Just click the button to run action group after you finish a complete a set of actions.


3 Kinds of Control Methods


                            Mobile Phone/Table Computer Control                                    Mouse Control                                                       Wireless Control

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Robotic arm controller uses ARM as CPU, built-in Bluetooth module and 16M memory, each action group can hold 510 actions!




In order to make xArm more functional, we prepare you with a secondary development kit. This kit contains various electronic modules and structural parts, we can use Scratch or Arduino to program, and implement many creativity and gameplay. We provide you with 10 gameplays of xArm, each gameplay comes with detailed code and video tutorials.

                                         Gameplay 1    One-way Detect                                                                                              Gameplay 2    Multiway Detect

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                                        Gameplay 3    Distance Detection                                                                                                 Gameplay 4    Sound Control

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                                       Gameplay 5    Touch Control                                                                                                   Gameplay 6    Dot Matrix Display

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                                       Gameplay 7    Gesture Control                                                                                         Gameplay 8    Infrared Remote Control

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                                        Gameplay 9    Adjust Speed                                                                                             Gameplay 10    Coloured Lamp by Knob

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