LSC-24 24 Channel Servo Controller

    16M high-capacity memory
    High-performance STM32 single chip microcomputer
    All interfaces have over-current protection
    Provide PC software
    Low voltage alarm
    Support TTL serial communication




(1)16M high-capacity memory, enough for your use! Can hold 230 action groups! Each action group can hold up to 510 actions!

(2)CPU using high-performance STM32 single chip microcomputer with ARM Cortex-M3 corer, high-precision control of 24-channel servo movement, speed adjustable.

(3)With current-limiting protection. The output of the servo is isolated from the CPU to avoid the current surge of servo causing damage to the CPU .


(4)Low voltage alarm. When the output voltage of the battery is below 5V, The buzzer will play a beep sound to remind customers to charge .

(5)Support online debugging, automatically install drivers.

(6)Power switch built-in, easy to use, reduce your wiring trouble

(7)Ultra-simple wiring, the controller only has positive and negative power interface.


(9)Support wireless handle.

(10)Support TTL serial communication, the controller can be connected with other single chips which support TTL, other single chips can send instructions to the controller.

(11)Support two offline operating modes, you can run offline 1 times or loop run offline all the time.

(12)Support Bluetooth/MP3 module.



Package Content:
1 x Servo Controller 
1 x User Manual 
1 x Mini USB Cable 
4 x M3*8 nylon pillars 
4 x M3*6 machine screws 

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