LDX-227 Standard Digital Servo

    -17kg large torque.
    -Full metal gear.
    -Dual ball bearing.
    -Using high-precision potentiometer with new design.
    -Convenient plug-in wire.
    -270 degree rotation.


LDX-227 is a high precision digital servo motor,a Double shaft  servo.

The default wire:30cm(11.8inch) in length      

89023df3bb20af6b82f6d3a6304bfb2b.jpg17kg large torque

Dimension:1.57*0.78*1.59inch         98d536a5acfac45975913e09c7d749aa.jpg

Weight: 60g(2.1OZ)
Dimension: 40*20*40.5mm(1.57*0.78*1.59inch)
Speed: 0.16sec/60°(7.4V)
Accuracy: 0.3°
Torque:15 kg·cm (208 oz·in) @6.6V;17 kg·cm (236 oz·in) @7.4V
Working Voltage: 6-7.4V
MIn Working Current: 1A
No-Load Current: 100mA
# Spline: 25T(6mm diameter)
The default wire: 30cm(11.8inch) in length
270 degree rotation. Controllable angle range from 0 to 270 degrees, Excellent linearity, precision control. Can be rotated within 360 degrees when power off

Control Specifications:
Control Method: PWM
Pulse Width: 500~2500
Duty Ratio: 0.5ms~2.5ms
Pulse Period: 20ms

Please make sure that the duty cycle of the controller you are using conform to our specifications, otherwise the servo can't turn up to claimed degree

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