1. Wooden structure, light and beautiful without hurting hands.

    2. Built-in bearings, walking more smoothly.

    3. Using anti-blocking micro servos, built-in stall protection algorithm.

    4. Rubber track, off-road easier.

    5. Mobile phone APP control easier, built-in three control modes (Joystick mode / gravity mode / line mode)

    6. 5X5 programmable LED dot matrix, two programmable buttons, accelerometer, electronic compass, thermometer, Bluetooth and other electronic modules.


Being led by a well-known English TV station BBC, Microbit is jointly developed by Microsoft, Samsung, ARM and Lancaster University, UK, which gears to adolescents’ programming education.

As you can see, the size of Microbit merely accounts for half of the bank card. Although the size is small, many rich functional electronic modules have been well equipped on it, including 5*5 programmable LED dot matric, two programmable buttons, Bluetooth, thermometer, electronic compass, accelerometer and etc. Now, let’s come to know about the features of this board from the perspective of hardware.


             5*5 programmable LED dot matric        Programmable Button A and B                 20180517\a9bca2c76343e7f6b890c58a86d0e0ec.png   20180517\0924c8bbf3cc5f9bd43da6a15977c229.png


   Reset Button                        USB cable port    

           f4ce03a3be6464dd9802536b01b4682e.png 20180517\5230bbee1e49bc233d802f46e21b113f.png    

Battery interface                                                                                Bluetooth antennas

d7846a209c11e36ba46f939d3bf1c45f.png                    20180517\4daa6fd6750a0cb4954eee803335aaf8.png

Gyroscope and electronic compass




Gyroscope and electronic compass


 (Microbit Development Board Pin Picture)


MicroBit Expansion Board

1.   RGB full-color lights,multi-style colorful features

2. Ultrasonic sensor interface,can connect ultrasonic sensor,expand more functions.

3. Motor interface to control the rear wheels.

4. Buzzer, you can use it to make a variety of wonderful music.

5. Color sensor interface,can be connected to color sensors,identify colors,expand more features.

6. External power connector,external power supply.

7. Sound sensor,which controls more programs through sound.



Armbit robots can be switched to three forms: simple tracking robots, obstacle avoidance robots, and multi-function handling robots. 

Users can learn Micro:bit programming and electronic hardware knowledge step by step.

54e0d5e665b1b903431b35e62d26cb94.png 16ffb53139afd891f05c0a7037473252.png 

                                          simple tracking robots                                        obstacle avoidance robots


multi-function handling robots

Mobile phone APP

(The APP has three built-in control modes)

                                 steering mode/Gravity mode                                               Line mode


Graphical programming

Web Graphical Programming/JavaScript Graphical Compiler (Pxt),

Microbit's JavaScript is programmed without downloading native programming tools.


Programming:method: micro:bit(JavaScript)                                
Input: ultrasound sensor , Brightness sensor, button, processor compass sensor, accelerometer pins sensor, sound sensor, line-tracking sensor,temperaturemodule.                                                      

Output: Buzzer, RGB light, 2 motor interface, 6 servo interface, 5×5 LED dot matrix

Communication Interface: USB ,Bluetooth                       

Running time: keeping running 3 hours                

Controller: microbit                                          

Power supply: 3.7V                                          

Product size: 145*230*220mm                              

Product weight: 440g     



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