1.Wooden structure, light,pretty and skin-friendly. 

    2.Micro:bit is only half the size of a credit card, carry a 5*5 programmable LED matrix, 2 programmable buttons, accelerometer, electronic compass, thermometer, BT and other electronic modules.

    3. Micro:bit support JavaScript Blocks Editor, an online graphical programming tools developed by Microsoft. It’s programming environment is based on Web service, no need to download local programming tools.


Handlebit learning kit

A learning kit based on Micro:bit control system

Handlebit is a learning development kit based on Micro:bit, which is ultra suitable for learning STEAM and Microbit programming. You can achieve abundant creativity and plays through the button, joystick, touch, sound, light, LED, buzzer, RGB light in the Handlebit board and the different combination of expand ultrasound, color, potentiometer knob, motor fun, servo etc. You can also use joystick, button, sound and other sensors in the handle to program to control other Microbit products.


What is Micro:bit?

Micro:bit is a Microcomputer development board designed by BBC for teenagers’ programming education, which also developed by Samsung, ARM, Lancaster University and etc. Currently, it is operated and promoted by Micro:bit Foundation within the globe. 


Function Introduction of Micro:bit

Micro:bit is only half the size of a credit card, carry a 5*5 programmable LED matrix, 2 programmable buttons, accelerometer, electronic compass, thermometer, BT and other electronic modules.


Micro:bit Programming Tool


Android and iOS Application

Micro:bit applications can wireless transmit code to Micro:bit development board through BT.


Handlebit learning kit

Handlebit is a development kit for Microbit learning, which is ideal for STEAM learning and Microbit programming. With Handlebit, users can learn a lot of electronic knowledge as well as programming.


The Handlebit board not only integrates sensors and electronic modules such as buttons, joysticks, touching module, sound sensor,photosensitive module, LED, buzzer, RGB lights, etc., but also can extend the other electronic modules including ultrasonic, color, potentiometer knobs, motor fans, servos, etc. Plentiful sensor and electronic modules allow Handlebit to complete fantastic and creative and gameplay.


We have prepared a set of handlebit wooden brackets for users, which is safe and light. In this way, handlebit can be truned into a wireless handle. We can use the joystick,buttons, sound sensor or other modules on the handle to remotely control the products based on Micro:bit through programming.


Creative plays

Every play of Handlebit learning kit has video tutorial


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