Micro:bit Expansion Board

    (1) RGB full color lights

    (2) Ultrasonic sensor interface

    (3) Motor Interface

    (4) Buzzer

    (5) Color sensor interface:color

    (6) External power connector

    (7) Sound Sensor

    (8) Servo interface

    (9) Line-racking sensor interface

 Micro:bit Expansion Board

The Micro:bit expansion board we developed makes it easier to use the Micro:bit. It is used to insert Micro:bit. It not only brings out the pins of Micro:bit, but also adds power and more. Resources. With this expansion board, we can apply Micro:bit more quickly to more creative projects. It include RGB light, ultrasonic sensor interface, motor interface, buzzer, color sensor interface, output power interface, sound sensor,8 channel servo interface, line-tracking sensor interface.


1. The expansion board switch can only control the battery’s on and off, while it cannot control the external battery. The controller will be powered on no matter the switch is being turned on or off if it connects to the external battery.

2. The ultrasonic sensor port is a two-row port as picture shown above. The ultrasonic sensor can insert into any row without any bad influence.

3. After connecting to the power supply, the Power indicator will be light on. When the voltage lower than a certain value, the indicator turns out shinning to remind you of charging.

The features Micro:bit expansion board  



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