Armbit Robot

    Wooden structure

    Anti-blocking micro servos

    Rubber track, off-road easier.

    Mobile phone APP control 

    Built-in bearings, walking more smoothly.



Micro:bit is a Microcomputer development board designed by BBC for teenagers’ programming education, which also developed by Samsung, ARM, Lancaster University and etc. Currently, it is operated and promoted by Micro:bit Foundation within the globe.

Micro:bit is only half the size of a credit card, carry a 5*5 programmable LED matrix, 2 programmable buttons, accelerometer, electronic compass, thermometer, BT and other electronic modules.


MicroBit Expansion Board 

                                                          1. RGB full-color lights,multi-style colorful features

                                                     2. Ultrasonic sensor interface,can connect ultrasonic sensor,expand more functions.

                                                     3. Motor interface to control the rear wheels.

                                                     4. Buzzer, you can use it to make a variety of wonderful music.

                                                     5. Color sensor interface,can be connected to color sensors,identify colors,expand more features.

                                                     6. External power connector,external power supply.

                                                     7. Sound sensor,which controls more programs through sound.



Armbit is an educational robot. It is based on the Micro:bit programming platform and is ideal for learning STEAM and robotics. With Armbit, robot enthusiasts or beginners can better learn about a lot of electronic and programming knowledge .

Armbit has equipped with many electronic modules such as sound sensor, line-tracking sensor, color recognition, ultrasonic sensor, RGB indicators, buzzer, etc. The wooden material body is very light and environmentally friendly. The body is very easy to assemble and requires only a screwdriver to install it. With a screwdriver, the user can assemble the Armbit into three different types of robots and all of them are able to combine with different sensors, making Armbit possible to perform a variety of creative gameplay.





Gameplays of  Armbit

05912f4daf139b78a6645d8c976d49b0.gif       71d431466bdd4733abca9aaa7c9475be.gif          da281e6f73c4975983c81e893dd72975.gif

Intelligent tracking         Intelligent pointing                         Labyrinth crossing

c9af608ba9f5778cc2d6c4af5fc74e71.gif      0ad650f2c88d72c7544358ddf56f79fc.gif         5919bf5a6af8b45f39b850762a4764ad.gif

Specific distance following    Certain distance grabbing     Shining line tracking

  1cc589b0291043be2facbf87ccd1bd39.gif  bf7468294bc5ff74d05673cb30a6d4dc.gif  32700f8f939a837f87a1448016819833.gif

Intelligent voice control       Specific color grabbing      Driving grabbing

  aa80755e06ae64a9886e374df4e427bd.gif  d63b839f878edfce3eb446dca7ce0822.gif  ca5ac68db61b0ad423370e97354085da.gif

Stand up automatically       BT remote control         BT gravity control

                       when rollover


       BT color light control


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