Micro:bit Board

    Micro:bit is only half the size of a credit card.

    5*5 programmable LED matrix, 

    2 programmable buttons,


    electronic compass, 

    thermometer, BT and other electronic modules


Micro:bit is a Microcomputer development board designed by BBC for teenagers’ programming education, which also developed by Samsung, 

ARM, Lancaster University and etc. Currently, it is operated and promoted by Micro:bit Foundation within the globe. Micro:bit is only half the size

of a credit card, carry a 5*5 programmable LED matrix, 2 programmable buttons, accelerometer, electronic compass, thermometer, BT and other 

electronic modules.

5*5 programmable LED dot matric


There is a 5*5 LED dot matric on Micro:bit It can show the number, letters, and some simple graphics. 

The custom way is also easy, you can just click the settings on its corresponding modules through authoring software.


Programmable Button A and B 


There are two programmable buttons on Micro:bit, A and B. They can external control the execution of the related program while programming. 

Through the various signal given by pressing button A or B, the sequence of pressing button A or B, the pressing frequency of button A and B, 

we can achieve a lot of ways of control.

USB cable port


This port is used to connect to the computer through USB cable, which can realize the download of the program.


Reset Button


The function of this reset button can be considered as the restart button on computer. Pressing once will make the program running again.


Battery interface


The point I would like to emphasize for this battery interface is that it can only connect to 3V battery, AA battery or 

triple-A battery can be a good choice. Please pay attention to the connection of positive and negative terminals of the battery.


Bluetooth antennas


This module is used to send the Bluetooth signal and connect to the mobile phone, which can easily burn and record the 

program or build its control link forMicro:bit


Gyroscope and electronic compass


Gyroscope and electronic compass are both electronic modules with high precision. Generally speaking, 

the module we use on SCM has a large size. Through designing, Micro:bit shrink the size of this two sensors 

and integrate them, which greatly facilitates the development process.

Micro:bit Development Board Pin Picture



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