CR-6 Hexapod Robot

    Hybrid structure

    Plug-in digital servo

    Super long endurance

    Avoid shock pads

    Integrated structure

    Visual programming

    Multiple control methods

                   Show you how to play hexapod robot!


Play one: cross fire

Working principle of ultrasonic module: When the ultrasonic module detects an obstacle, 

it will switch to a low-profile gait walk, and switch to a high-profile gait walk after crossing the obstacle


Play two: shaking to avoid obstacles

Working principle of ultrasonic module and OLED display: Detect with the ultrasonic module, stop when the front 

of the obstacle is detected, and shake to detect the surrounding, then turn to the side without the obstacle.


Play three: Infrared remote control

Working principle of infrared sensor : Uses the infrared sensor to receive the signal transmitted by the remote control, 

then Arduino controller processes the signal and make the appropriate action.


Play four: Avoid fall- crawling

Working principle of infrared sensor: With the infrared sensor installed in the feet, when the hexapod robot goes to the edge

of the table, the infrared sensor will be able to detect that the robot will miss it’s foot, and then turn back to prevent the fall crawling.  


Play five: Intelligent voice control

Working principle of sound sensor: When the sound sensor detects a sound such ad knocking on the desktop, the robot will stand up. 

When you tap twice on the table, the robot will walk up.


Play six: Gesture control

Working principle of infrared sensor: With two infrared sensors installed side by side on the head of the robot. When you make a left 

slide position, the two infrared sensors will detect the object, and judge the left slip or right slip according to the time differenc 


Play seven: Searching for light intelligently

The principle of photosensitive sensor: With each light sensor installed on the left and right side of the robot, when the left sensor detects 

the light is on in the dark environment, the robot will shift to the left and vice versa.




About 1.92kg


Extra-lightweight aluminum alloy

Leg length



Trunk length








Running time

About 80 min

Bluetooth module


Programming software

LSC-20 Control

Power supply

7.4V 2200mAh Lithium battery

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