DrawArm Robotic Arm

    Mobile APP Control

    Powerful power core

    Metal bracket

    Inverse kinematics algorithm

    Pen for writing and drawing

    APP free upgrade

DrawArm introduction

Compared to traditional 2D writing robots, DrawArm is a 3D writing robot. It has built-in inverse kinematics algorithms with a higher technical content. DrawArm uses 4 high-precision bus servos, and is equipped with a metal structure bracket, which is simple and light, and easy to carry. The unique circuit board concealed design makes the DrawArm overall more beautiful and refined. In order to let more users learn and use, we have distributed video tutorials for everyone to learn.


Mobile phone APP interface

APP continues to upgrade, customers can enjoy the permanent APP upgrade service, 

which can make DrawArm achieve more functions!



Seven features of DrawArm

1.Mobile APP

we provide free APP, can quickly achieve simple writing and painting


 2.Metal structure bracket

It is equipped with a metal structure bracket, which is simple and light, and easy to carry. 


3.Built-in inverse kinematics algorithms 

It has built-in inverse kinematics algorithms with a higher technical content.


4.Powerful master control system

The robot arm controller adopts ARM core CPU, built-in Bluetooth 4.0 module and 16M storage memory, and a single action group can accommodate 510 actions. Such a powerful configuration, just to give you a better experience of programming DrawArm.


5.Customer convenience

Provide writing pens for customer convenience


6.Mibble phone App

 With the continuous upgrade of APP, customers can enjoy a permanent upgrade service, which enables DrawArm to achieve more functions.


7.It doesn't need to be assembled

It doesn't need to be assembled. Customers just need to connect the power and the mobile phone, which can be used quickly


Product structure


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