Minihand Humanoid Robot

    Using five servo to drive, each fingers can individually move flexible

    Complete life-sized robotic hand

    Metal construction, innovative design and realistic

    Assembled, easy to use


  Minihand is a humanoid hand controlled by 5 finger servos, so that each figure can move flexibly.

    Minihand has combined with other electronic modules in our kit and many interesting gameplay are 

                                                    created. We provide you with visual programming software, which helps you easily program for Minihand. 

                                                    We prepare detailed tutorials for each electronic module to introduce their working principle and how to use 

                                                    them.In addition, you can wirte programs for NANO controller with Arduino software directly. Hope you have 

                                                                                                          a good experience with this robotic hand.


Net Weight: About 0.651 pounds
Material: All-metal Construction
          Bionic Hand Size: 10.16'' * 40.64''(L*W)
         Servo Size: 5.84'' * 3.05'' * 5.56''(L*W*H)


Minihand come with various sensors and modules, like ultrasonic sensor, photosensitive sensor, infrared remote controller, OLED Display, sound sensor,servo sensor, which can achieve various interesting gameplays


The handmade mini bionic hand, all of the construction is used by metal, innovative design and realistic and with graphical PC software, you can write action groups for MiniHand by yourself


We connect the electronic module to the Nano control board with wires, the servo controller also needs to be connected with the Nano control board with wires. Then connect the power supply to the control system. Finally, you need to plug the wires of five finger servos into the servo controller successively.

Wiring diagram


Using 16 Channel Digital Servo Controller as control board.
-CPU using high-performance STM32 single chip with ARM Cortex-M3 corer
-16M high-capacity memory, can hold 230 action groups! Each action group can hold up to 510 actions



Specifications of robot hand:
Net Weight: About 0.38 pounds
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Bionic Hand Size: 10.16'' * 40.64''(L*W)
Servo Size: 5.84'' * 3.05'' * 5.56''(L*W*H)



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