Digital Servo Tester

    You can use the knob to adjust the position manually 

    or use the servo to return to the middle position

    Show the voltage of power supply

    Dimension: 50mm*35mm(1.96in*1.38in)

    Weight: 13.8g(0.03lb)


How to use:
1)Connect the power to the tester
2)Plug the servo to the servo interface. + is positive pole , - is negative pole, S is signal port;
3)The servo will rotate synchronously when you turn the knob
4)You can use the button below the knob to switch the mode to return to the middle position or knob control

How to wire:
1)Connect the charging port of the 7.4v lithium battery to the white terminal directly
2)Or connect the power supply to the blue terminal, positive voltage 5~8.4v available.



Operational approach:




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